With so many different sticker materials available it can sometimes be difficult to know which one is best suit you.


       Take a look at the materials we provide here at Fusion Label. If you require assistance with material, submit the form below and we will attend to you shortly
Mirrorcoat stickers are easily recognised due to its glossy finishing.
These stickers are highly used due to their low production cost and versatility.
Mirrorcoat stickers are, however not waterproof in nature. As such, applications involving water are not recommended.

We sell Mirrorcoat Stickers in Blank A4 sheets here

Woodfree stickers are also highly used sticker material. Woodfree stickers also go by the name similipaper sticker or writable sticker and as the name suggest, these stickers are widely used for pasting on packaging or boxes that requires writing on it.

We sell Woodfree Stickers in Blank A4 sheets here

Transparent stickers (PVC) are available in both matte and glossy finish. These stickers are very popular due to their waterproof properties. To top it off, prices of this material are very affordable too!

We sell Transparent PVC Stickers in Blank A4 sheets here

There are many types of vinyl stickers namely, but not limited to, PE,PP and BOPP. This material is waterproof and is highly durable as it will not tear, unlike convention sticker paper.
These stickers are very durable and can be applied to products that may be exposed to harsh conditions (E.g Under the sun)

We sell White PVC Stickers in Blank A4 sheets here

Satin sticker is a premium material which is mostly used in events and ceremony. These stickers will be applied on tops to distinguish between the guest or used as decoration for the event. This rare material is one of the most expensive material out in the industry
Security/Void Stickers also known as tampered proof stickers As the name suggest, these stickers are used to seal off parts which may void the warranty of the item or to ensure that the item has not been opened prior to purchase.
As the name suggest, this sticker have barcode printed on them. We provide both printed and blank barcode stickers for all users.
Thermal Stickers are also known as receipt paper.

We sell Thermal Stickers in roll form here.

Removable/Reusable stickers come in both matte, glossy surface and also white and transparent background. Removable stickers also come with a premium adhesive which is non-adhesive, after removing the sticker from the item, there will not be any adhesive residue left behind.
Gold/Silver foil stickers are premium looking stickers which have a gold or silver finish. Matte and glossy finish are both available for the product.